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Writing is, by its nature, a solitary and sometimes lonely task.  Yet the undertaking doesn’t occur in a vacuum.  There are those whose influence helped to shape and mold the…

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Humanity’s Descent into Cataclysm

With last week’s discussion on where the Wildmen Tribes came from, I thought it might be interesting to choose a particular family and follow them over several generations from the…

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Who were the Wildmen?

According to Aestarin records, there were about seventy major human kingdoms in the latter days of the Lost Age.  Many of these were all but eradicated by volcanic fire or…

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Combat is Boring

This is probably a heretical article title given that I’m a writer of military fantasy.  Nevertheless, it is a common occurrence I’ve noticed in recent years.  Good fighting scenes are…

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The Authorial Promise

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 I have a confession to make.  I am still getting my ‘sea legs’ as a blog writer.  I think a lot about the craft of writing.  The profession fascinates me…

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