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Writing is, by its nature, a solitary and sometimes lonely task.  Yet the undertaking doesn’t occur in a vacuum.  There are those whose influence helped to shape and mold the author into who they have become, there are those who support and assist the author as they write, and there are those who dare to read the work of an unknown name.

In this time of thanksgiving, it seems appropriate for me to give gratitude to those who have helped me on my writer’s journey.  It started with my parents who opened my eyes to stories as a child and fostered my interest in books.  They and my brother have always been a source of encouragement for me.

Likewise there are my friends with whom the world Isfalinis first gained its life.  We had intended her for other purposes some twenty years ago and, though we subsequently moved on, I couldn’t let her go.  Isfalinis little resembles what was constructed in those days, yet their early influences still ripple across its geography, its cosmology, and its history.

Next, I want to acknowledge my good friends and alpha-readers who dared to provide me with constructive, honest, and perceptive feedback.  Their courage to tell me hard truths helped me grow as an author.  Their advice underlies every page.

I also want to thank my readers.  It is a singular joy to have people I don’t know reading my stories.  It is an honor.  Along the same vein I extend my appreciation to my publisher for all they have done to bring “Tears from Iron” out into the world.

As this holiday weekend comes to a close, I feel I should offer thanks to the country I live in.  It is far from perfect because it is, after all, occupied by humans.  But it is free and it is inhabited by a people who, from its earliest days to present, have strived to make it better through honest hard work, by daring to dream, and holding a vision of hope.

Finally, as ever, I must conclude with thanks to my wife who has generously and patiently endured my frequent forays into the strange and yet familiar world of “Tears from Iron.”  She has allowed me to give life to such characters as Vistus, Ninanna, Zoltha, and Sravika.