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Oldenburg’s painstakingly detailed world sets a solid foundation for his series opener… Despite the book’s length (over 800 pages), the author’s rich descriptions are often concise… Although this novel is the first installment of an epic series, its thorough resolution makes it a stand-alone… Laudable characters and striking exposition give this world a grand introduction.

Kirkus Reviews

“Tears from Iron” is a classic that fans of military or epic fantasies will enjoy immersing themselves in. The author Jonathan Oldenburg has done a fantastic job of creating a land where there are different factions of people who are dealing with warring against each other and huge natural disasters. Throwing magic into this mix adds a great deal more to the drama… [It] is a large book, yet there is so much happening,the reading goes by quickly. At the end, I found myself wishing that the next one in the series was already available, because I didn’t want to leave this world! I look forward to the forthcoming adventure in this series.

Paige Lovitt for Reader Views