Isfalinis: Beginnings

If you’ve ever wondered how a fantasy author came up with their story setting, here is some background on my own world-building experience. In this series of articles, I’ll discuss…

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Don’t Edit to Music

When I write, I enjoy listening to music. It is a great aid to transitioning from the toils and distractions of modern day life to the mystical land of Isfalinis…

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Merry Christmas

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I’ve always been intrigued by contrasts, particularly, the play between light and darkness. I imagine this is hardly unique as such symbolism permeates imagery, literary and otherwise. I would hardly…

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Are Writers Groups Helpful?

My answer to this question is a cautious sometimes.  A group’s value depends upon what you personally need and, even more heavily, upon where you are in your writer’s journey. …

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Writing is, by its nature, a solitary and sometimes lonely task.  Yet the undertaking doesn’t occur in a vacuum.  There are those whose influence helped to shape and mold the…

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