A Tome by Any Other Name

As I was doing research for my recent two articles on the creation of “Tears from Iron”, I also stumbled across some brainstorms regarding the book title.  I thought I’d keep this article a little shorter and focus on those thoughts.

I began with a few rough conceptual thoughts.  First, there was Iron because it was a fundamental aspect of Vistus’ background and the t’Okaedrin sub-culture.  Second, there was Water, as in the Blood of Isfalinis, and its role in the story.   Finally, I also considered the idea of the Price that Belarrin would have to pay before the end. 

As I mused over these general ideas, I began piecing together a handful of possible titles.  These were:

  • “Water and Iron”
  • “The Price of Iron”
  • “The Weight of Iron”
  • “To Make Iron Weep”

And finally…

  • “Tears from Iron”

What made me settle on the final choice was that it encapsulated all of the other ideas above it in an intriguing way.  I like how it encompasses a plethora of interpretations for the word “Tears”, the word “Iron”, and the juxtaposition of each with the other.  It can speak to the physical, the metaphysical, the emotional, and the spiritual, depending on how you look at it.  It is perfect.