A Note on Pronunciation


Aerharyndra (AYR-harr-in-drah) – The wife of High Lord Tazil

Aestari (AY-star-ee) – One of the four races.  Aestari are fair skinned, tall, with sharp noses, angular features, and pointed ears.  Though unaging, they can be slain or die of despair. 

Ainii (EYE-nee) – A Cyrleni, shaper of the Aestari.

Arcomin (AR-koe-min) – Vistus’ brother, a t’Okaedrin

Argluf (AR-gluf) – A Kalilaer

Arkesh (AR-kesh) – High Lord of Yeltikar

Auphni (OWF-nee) – Vistus’ mother, a Pi’aernotha Osnoeda

Belarrin (BELL-ar-in) – Vistus’ name as a Kalilaer

Bridionis (BRID-ee-oh-niss) – Vistus’ brother, a t’Okaedrin

Cataclysm, The – The ruination of Isfalinis caused by the violent deaths of Cydion and the Etyni during the Great War.  The Cataclysm wrought a string of natural disasters including earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions that culminated in an age of ice.  It reshaped the world and caused the deaths of all but a remnant of the peoples of the world.  Its exact length is uncertain but is believed to have lasted at least a thousand years, possibly twice that.

Chostir (CHOE-steer) – A Kalilaer

Cydion (SIGH-dee-on) – Lord of Life and Death.  The Great Betrayer.  The Lord of the Abyss.  Cydion created the fires at the heart of Isfalinis in the dawn of creation before he betrayed His Highest Above and sought to rule the world.  He played a major role in the Schism of the Aestari and most other upheavals of the Lost Age.  At the end of the Great War, he was slain by the Etyni Itesa on the Hill of Kensethir.

Cyrleni (KIYR-lin-ee) – The secondborn of His Highest Above.  Their exact number is uncertain, but the Cyrleni are known to number many more than the Etyni.  Famous among the Cyrleni are Vaenna the Prophetess, Ainii the Shaper of the Aestari, and Ilsul the Shaper of Humans.

Dahiraetin (DUH-heer-ay-tin) – A battle approximately a century before the founding of the Kayrstaran Empire between the Syraestari and numerous tribes of humans who were pursued by ash monsters called troglyds.  In the aftermath of the battle, the Syraestari resolved to end their long migration and reestablish an empire.

Dalric (DAHL-rik) – Vistus’ father, a t’Okaedrin

Dirbructi (DEER-bruk-tee) – A Scion of the Fallen Tree

Draatha (DRAH-thuh) – Pi’aernotha Kaupet

Edrethyn – A word with no perfect translation.  A guardian and protector of the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul. 

Eicai (EE-kai) – An Etyni, shaper of the wind.  Brother of Naedda.

Eldest – The combat leader of a family of t’Okaedrin or Pi’aernoth.  The Eldest is not necessarily the oldest of a family but holds a place of preeminence among his or her peers.

Elestis (EE-less-tiss) – A Pi’aernotha Osnoeda

Eltirkar (EL-teer-kar) – Captain of Lord Ushtyl’s housecarls

Etyni (EH-tin-ee) – The firstborn of His Highest Above.  The Etyni were ten beings of immense power.  Along with the Cyrleni, they were entrusted with the creation of the world.  They originally numbered eleven until Cydion rose up in rebellion.  In the Great War, all of the Etyni were slain defeating Cydion.  Their names are Fenr, Itesa, Henji, Lelpfios, Eicai, Naedda, Niella, Oltos, Isi, and Zaris.

Fedigni (FED-ig-nee) – A Scion of the Fallen Tree

Fenr (FEN-nur) – An Etyni, shaper of the mountains.  Brother of Itesa.

Finaestari (FIN-ay-star-ee) – The name given the Syraestari by their enemies.  Literally “Dark Aestari”, they are condemned for betraying their Oath.  For further details, see Syraestari.

Finnie (FIN-nee) – A slur for Finaestari.

Fritten (FRIH-tin) – A Kalilaer

Grannif (GRAN-if) – A chieftain among the Scions of the Fallen Tree

Great War, The – A war at the end of the Lost Age when Cydion, Lord of Life and Death, sought to conquer all of Isfalinis.  He was slain by the last of the Etyni on the Hill of Kensethir.  The unleashing of power from the deaths of Cydion and the Etyni brought on the Cataclysm.

Henirgar (HEN-eer-garr) – A Scion of the Fallen Tree

Henji (HEN-jee) – An Etyni, carver of rivers.  Sister of Lelpfios.  She died on the Bridge of Vasyr during the Great War.

High Lord – The highest nobility of the Kayrstaran Empire below the empress herself.  There are nine high lords and ladies each of whom reigns over one of the nine cities of the realm.  The empress is also a high lady of the capital city, Thusaeyanin.

Hiraestari (Heer-ay-star-ee) – One of the two branches of the Aestari.  They are called Tirnaestari by their foes.  Literally “High Aestari,” the Hiraestari remained true to their Oath to His Highest Above and the Etyni during the Schism in the Lost Age.  The Hiraestari are proud to stay true to their word while they see the Syraestari who betrayed it as having darkened their souls.

Hirnid (HEER-nid) – Vistus’ brother, a t’Okaedrin

His Highest Above – The Creator.  He formed Isfalinis from the Void and created the Etyni, Cyrleni, and the souls of the Four Races.

Housecarl – Syraestari warriors sworn to one of the eleven high lords.

Idysha (IH-dee-shah) – A Kalilaer

Imeskir (IM-esk-eer) – A Sword-Whisperer

Inban (IN-ban) – A chieftain among the Scions of the Fallen Tree

Isfalinis (IZ-fall-ee-neese) – The world.  It was brought into being by His Highest Above and shaped by the Etyni and Cyrleni.

Isi (EE-see) – An Etyni, creator of sound, voice, and song.

Itesa (EE-tess-ah) – An Etyni, delver of valleys.  Sister of Fenr.  Mortally wounded, she struck down Cydion on the Hill of Kensethir at the end of the Great War.

Jarkon (JAHR-kon) – A chieftain among the Scions of the Fallen Tree

Jesaelyn (JES-ay-lin) – High Lady of Kikara

Kalilaer (KAH-lee-layr – Laborer.  The human workers, both male and female, of the Kayrstaran Empire.

Kayrstana (KAYR-stan-ah) – Empress and High Lady of Thusaeyanin

Kayrstaran Empire – The realm of the Syraestari ruled by the Empress Kayrstana.  It is comprised of nine cities, each ruled by a high lord or lady.

Kitiger (KIT-ih-gur) – A chieftain among the Scions of the Fallen Tree

Laerdina (LAYR-dee-nah) – A Scion of the Fallen Tree

Lelpfios (LEHL-pfee-ohs) – An Etyni, master of oceans and seas.  Brother of Henji.

Liuticar (LOO-tih-kar) – Vistus’ brother, a t’Okaedrin

Lost Age, The – The period from the Creation of the Isfalinis to the onset of the Cataclysm at the end of the Great War.  Most records of this era were lost, especially among human peoples.

Medreuneth (med-ROO-neth) – A Sorceress of the Flesh of Isfalinis

Mirnadd (MEER-nad) – A Scion of the Fallen Tree

Naedda (NAY-dah) – An Etyni, bringer of rain and the clouds.  Sister of Eicai.

Nalsuntha (NAHL-sunth-ah) – Vistus’ Eldest, a t’Okaedrin

Nethzir (NETH-zeer) – Captain of Lord Tazil’s housecarls

Niella (NEE-lah) – An Etyni, forger of the Sun.

Ninanna (NIH-nah-nuh) – Kayrstana’s Edrethyn, a Sword-Whisperer

Oath, The – An oath given by the Aestari in the Lost Age to His Highest Above and the Etyni that they would seek the betterment of the other races as much as their own.  Some Aestari began to regret this swearing, feeling it a form of bondage.  This debate flared into the Schism of the Aestari people between the rebel Syraestari and the loyal Hiraestari.

Obaudes (OH-bow-dees) – A Kalilaer

Okaidir (OH-kai-deer) – Brother.  See t’Okaedrin.

Oltos (OEL-tohs) – An Etyni, the Lord of Balance.

Onath (OH-nath) – A courier

Ovirkar (OH-veer-kar) – High Lord of Fuldynathir

Parvik (PAR-vik) – A Scion of the Fallen Tree

Pi’aernoth (PEE-ayr-noth) – Sisters.  Warriors and high level human servant women of the Kayrstaran Empire.  A general term that includes both the Pi’aernotha Kaupet (Sisters of Iron) and Pi’aernotha Kaupet (Sisters of Stone).  Pi’aernoth are formed into families like t’Okaedrin.

Pi’aernotha Kaupet (PEE-ayr-noth-ah Kow-pet) – Sisters of Stone.  Female human servants who see to the daily needs of the Syraestari in the Kayrstaran Empire.  They are the only humans who reside within the walls of the imperial cities.

Pi’aernotha Osnoeda  (PEE-ayr-noth-ah OZ-noh-dah) – Sisters of Iron.  Female human warriors of the Kayrstaran Empire.  They serve predominantly as scouts and archers.

Regund (RAG-und) – A Kalilaer

Sarroth (SARR-oth) – Captain of Empress Kayrstana’s housecarls

Schism, The – A bloody war in the Lost Age that ravaged the Aestari people.  Caused by a disagreement over the Oath, the Syraestari rebelled against it while the Hiraestari remained loyal and held their word.  The war split family and friends and the two factions remain blood enemies.

Scions of the Fallen Tree – Human rebels against the Kayrstaran Empire.  Some joined the Scions from wildmen tribes but most are escaped Kalilaer.

Sizras (SIHZ-rass) – High Lord of Sarhystoeka

Sravika (SRUH-vee-kah – a Scion of the Fallen Tree

Syraestari (SIHR-ay-star-ee) – One of the two branches of the Aestari.  They are called Finaestari or Finnie, by their foes.  Literally “True Aestari,” the Syraestari broke the Oath they swore to His Highest Above and the Etyni during the Schism in the Lost Age.  The Syraestari believe that they live as their race was intended to be.  Thus, they call themselves true, while they see the Hiraestari, who follow the Oath, as still bound in slavery to it.

t’Okaedrin (TOE-kay-drin) – The Brothers.  The male human warriors of the Kayrstaran Empire.  They serve predominantly as formed foot soldiers armed with swords and shields though some are mounted warriors.  T’Okaedrin are formed into families, usually of approximately twenty warriors.  They are raised and mentored by their Father (a t’Okaedrin) and Mother (a Pi’aernoth).  In battle, they are led by their Eldest, the senior brother of the family.

Talikae (tah-LEE-kay) – A Pi’aernotha Kaupet

Tayrja (TAYR-jah) – A Scion of the Fallen Tree

Tazil (TAH-zill) – High Lord of Raefi’ernyn

The Shadow-Servant – An assassin

Timnar Mountains (TIM-nahr) – A mountain range north of the Kayrstaran Empire.

Tirnaestari (Tihr-ay-star-ee) – The name given the Hiraestari by their enemies.   Literally “Bound Aestari”, they are so named because they remain enchained to their ancient Oath.  For further details, see Hiraestari.

Tyrnis (TEER-niss) – High Lord of Kinansath

Ushtyl (USH-till) – High Lord of Nahirazith

Vaenna (VAY-nah) – A Cyrleni, creator of the Moon.  A prophetess who foresaw the Schism, the Great War, and the Cataclysm.

Vistus (VIH-stuss) – A t’Okaedrin

Vitarria (vih-TAR-ee-ah) – A Scion of the Fallen Tree

Wiersa (WEE-ayr-sah) – A wildman

Wildmen – Human tribes inhabiting the wilderness north of the Kayrstaran Empire.  Wildmen tribes live a semi-nomadic life subsisting on hunting, gathering, and a small amount of farming.  They have no knowledge of metallurgy and use weapons and tools of stone, wood, or bone.  Known tribes include the Lothyn, Iengian, Tatyrni, Zengris, and Isyren.

Yrpel (ER-pil) – A wildman

Zaerina (ZAYR-ee-nah) – High Lady of Terni’andarn

Zaris (ZAER-iss) – Leader of the Etyni, the bringer of time.

Zoltha (ZOEL-thah) – A Kalilaer