The Magic of Isfalinis

As I mentioned in the last article, the development of my Etyni and their involvement in creation merged hand-in-hand with the development of the magical system of Isfalinis. In my…

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Isfalinis: Beginnings

If you’ve ever wondered how a fantasy author came up with their story setting, here is some background on my own world-building experience. In this series of articles, I’ll discuss…

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Behind the Pages: Yrpel

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The second character I’d like to look at is our quintessential barbarian, Yrpel.  Or is he?  It is my impression that barbarians are victims of stereotype.  This doubtless relates to…

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Behind the Pages: Chostir

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Periodically, I’d like to bring insights on what brought various aspects of “Tears from Iron” and the world of Isfalinis to be.  As a reader, I’ve enjoyed some of Christopher…

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Humanity’s Descent into Cataclysm

With last week’s discussion on where the Wildmen Tribes came from, I thought it might be interesting to choose a particular family and follow them over several generations from the…

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Who were the Wildmen?

According to Aestarin records, there were about seventy major human kingdoms in the latter days of the Lost Age.  Many of these were all but eradicated by volcanic fire or…

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