“A Whisper in the Sands” Teaser

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This week, I’m excited to provide a draft teaser for the back cover of my next book “A Whisper in the Sand”.  You can also find it on my ‘books’ page.

For five hundred years, the empire of the Syraestari has flourished, subjugating all peoples in their path.  Yet now, across the sea, their ancient foe has emerged to battle them once again.  Torn by tragedies and hatred that have built across the millennia, only eternal war remains between them.

Inrelk is heir to the throne of the empire, but he’s a thinker and a dreamer, all too aware of his own inadequacies and terrified of the role to which he was born.  Thus his mother, the Empress Kayrstana, begs the return of her estranged guardian, Ninanna, to show him the way on the field of battle.  But no plan survives the first volley of arrows and the grand venture becomes a desperate plight.

Though the Cataclysm has slipped into memory, all of the old enmities and sorrows that transcended its passage have risen again to the fore proving that the flaws of the Lost Age remain unchanged and may yet bathe the new world in blood.